What is Karate? 


Karate is a martial art from Okinawa whose physical aspects seek the development of defensive and counter attacking body movements. The themes of traditional karate training are fighting and self-defense, though its mental and moral aspects target the overall improvement of the individual.



What about us?


We are members of The British Combat Karate Association.

We practice Traditional Shotokan Karate, with our main interest in the traditional kata, with practical application for self-defence.



We also have an interest in Karate as a sport


and have competed in various competitions.


Some of our members also practice and teach


judo. We are also open to interest in other


forms of traditional arts.



How much does it cost?


Renshinkai and our other clubs are 'pay as you go' we don't want or need your bank details, We just need £3.50 pound per session to cover the hall hire and hard work from the student...



What age can we start training?


We start people on their "Karate journey" from the age 6 years old... as long as they train hard and have a sensible learning manner…


Do we do gradings?


We have a 3 monthly grading for the students who are ready which allows the student to progress up the grades. We also issue a trophy every week to the student that has showed the best attitude and has given their best.


“The karate that has been introduced to Tokyo is actually just a part of the whole. The fact that those who have learnt karate there feel it only consists of kicks & punches, and that

throws &locks are only to be found in judo or jujutsu, can only be put down to a lack of understanding …

Those who are thinking of the future of karate should have an open mind and strive to study the complete art” – Kenwa Mabuni 1938